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FOCAS is a Support Group for Charlton Animal Control

Charlton Municipal Animal Shelter is a clean, bright, warm, safe, secure, state of the art shelter that houses Charlton’s stray dogs and cats until they are claimed by their owners or transferred to local shelters. The new shelter was built in 2011 thanks to a combination of donations raised by FOCAS, many volunteer workers, and town funds! Check out the slide show on Photos.

FOCAS’s current mission is to provide the funds needed for special equipment, animal welfare programs, educational programs and services, including public awareness relating to animal health, disease and cruelty issues. Please join us!

As a non-profit organization, funds will be raised through donations, membership fees, events and grants. Visit our How To Help page for other ways you can assist.

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NAPPFriends of Charlton Animal Shelter is pleased to introduce our new NAPP program to Charlton families!

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FOCAS Annual Meeting - Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 6:30 PM

Please join us for our annual meeting at the Charlton Municipal Animal Shelter, 15 Old Town Road, Charlton, MA. Members and the general public are welcome to attend! Agenda includes a recap of last year's activities and election of the Board of Directors. Take some time to come meet us and join or renew your membership for 2024! Regular meeting to follow. Take some time to come meet us and join or renew your yearly membership!

Directions to Charlton Municipal Animal Control Facility, 15 Old Town Road
Lucy's Fund

Lucy’s Fund was originally created in 2011 for a stray 5 year old Shepherd mix found wandering a back road in Charlton. Thin, missing a lot of fur, and clearly neglected for some time, “Lucy” was seen by a vet and diagnosed with mange and lyme disease. Because mange can be contagious to other animals and people, local shelters could not take her into their program. Luckily, Friends of Charlton Animal Shelter stepped in and created Lucy’s Fund to accept donations used to offset the cost of Lucy’s care. The response was phenomenal! Lucy was treated for a variety of health issues, and has been adopted by her foster family.

Lucy’s Fund was so successful that FOCAS decided to make it a permanent fund. Monies donated to Lucy’s Fund will be set aside to help stray dogs and cats that come into Charlton Animal Control with potentially contagious health issues, such as mange or upper respiratory infections. Lucy’s Fund would help cover costs for such veterinary services as heartworm/lyme tests for dogs or FELV/FIV tests for cats, medications needed to treat upper respiratory or eye/ear infections, fleas, and parasites. This fund will help give sick or injured animals a chance to recover while in the care of animal control and then be transferred to a local shelter for adoption.

Your donation can literally make the difference between life and death for sick, but adoptable, stray dogs or cats. Donations may be made payable to Friends of Charlton Animal Shelter with "Lucy" in the memo line, and mailed to FOCAS, P.O. Box 322, Charlton, MA 01507.

Rest in Peace, Lucy
2006 - June 19, 2019

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Lucy's passing. Lucy inspired Lucy's Fund in 2011 after being found stray in Charlton. She was adopted by a marvelous family who loved her dearly. Their tribute to her is below. Rest in peace, Lucy. We will honor your memory each time Lucy's Fund helps another Charlton dog or cat. You left many paw prints on our hearts.

"With heavy hearts, we want to let you know that Lucy (of Lucy’s Fund) died on Tuesday morning (6/19/19) after a gentle walk in her favorite woods. She was 13. Lucy was rescued by Charlton Animal Control and FOCAS in 2011 and there was just something about the little mangy, emaciated, Lyme afflicted dog with bad bowels that touched the hearts of the staff. Though they could have put her down, shelter staff committed to get her the vet care she needed and called for donations for the cause. After a year of team work, foster care, and sleuthing to determine the best diet and skin care for her, Lucy blossomed into a healthy and very happy dog with a family who was head over heels in love with her.

No one knows what led Lucy to arrive at the Charlton shelter in such a pitiable condition, but despite her life experience, she was a profoundly amiable dog with an optimistic view of humans. Lucy had a big heart, a happy smile, and the DNA of a true village dog. Always up for a walk, she loved surveying the neighborhood and local trails for what had transpired since her last visit. As a former mother, she enjoyed playing with young dogs – and guiding them in “good dog” manners. She was an excellent guardian of both home and hens. Lucy loved to hike, act as paddle board navigator, “chase” rabbits – and eat. There was no lid or package safe from her determined paws and jaws in her quest for food.

As rescue dogs do, Lucy brought grace and love to her family, each of whom learned important life lessons and was healed in their own way by her presence and unending love. Anyone who has loved and been loved by a dog, especially a rescue dog, knows the bonds that are formed and knows only too well the heart break that comes when they leave us. It’s an honor to have these dogs in our lives; and a blessing to them when they’re rescued. Here’s to the rescued dogs of the world and may the joy she brought us encourage others to provide a better future for woebegone dogs and cats everywhere."

Sarah, Ray, Rebecca, and Victoria

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