The New Charlton Municipal Animal Shelter Slide Show!

Charlton Animal Control's municipal animal shelter is 30 x 70 feet and includes 6 kennels, a healthy cat room, a kitchen with a quarantine area, bathroom, and garage. Since it's completion in 2011, stray dogs and cats now stay in a clean, bright, warm, safe, secure, state of the art shelter until they are claimed by their owners or transferred to local shelters. All thanks to a combination of donations raised by FOCAS, many volunteer workers, and town funds!

Charlton Municipal Animal Shelter

The Big Construction Slide Show!

Construction Slideshow

These are photos of the old dog pound (2008)
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Town Pound

The building is 12 feet x 13 feet with 4 kennels.
There are no sinks and no cages for cats.
Town Pound

The four kennel runs have no separation.
This results in cage fighting and
greatly increases the risk of cross contamination.
Town Pound

This picture shows the entire facility.
The outside kennel is no longer in use.
Town Pound

There is no running water in the winter because the pipes freeze. It is virtually impossible to disinfect the interior or exterior portions of the kennels. So dogs are frequently impounded at personal residences or in other towns during winter months.
Town Pound

This is an interior photo. This shows the tiny width of the area that is available for food, equipment, and supplies. Due to the concrete walls, it is difficult to hang things or anchor shelving.
Town Pound

This is an interior photo. There is virtually no storage space so equipment is stored in the kennel area.

This is a photo of the livestock pound that was used by the Town in 1837.

Town Pound 1837
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